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We all know Netlify and Varcel are the top static site hosting providers, but they are not the only one in the market. Find the detailed comparison of all static site hosting services available and what free stuff they offer.

TLDR; Netlify is the best and free static site hosting service provider as of now. If you are new start with Netlify.

Rank Provider Free Plan Free Build Minutes Free Bandwidth Storage Limit Free Projects Restrictions Additional Features
1 Cloudfare pages ✔️ 500 builds with 20 mins each 1GB None Unlimited 25 MB/file and 20K Files Serverless Functions, IAM, Analytics, etc
2 Netlify ✔️ 300 100GB None Unlimited No Support for GitHub Private Organization (in Free Plan) Forms, CMS, Serverless Functions, Identity, Analytics
3 Render ✔️ None 100GB ~Bandwidth Unlimited None Native Docker Support, Complete Hosting Platform
4 ✔️ 250 50GB None Unlimited None Object Storage (IPFS)
5 Varcel ✔️ 100 100GB None Unlimited Ristricted Commercial Use Serverless Functions, Native Next.js Support
6 ✔️ - - - 5 free Begin apps None Complete App Hosting for Node.js/Deno
7 Google Firebase ✔️ 0 (local builds only) ~10.5GB (360 MB per day) 10 GB Unlimited - Complete App Platform: Realtime Database, File Storage, Authentication, App Hosting
8 GitHub Pages ✔️ Unlimited (10 per hours) 100GB 1 GB Unlimited Ristricted Commercial Use
9 ✔️ - 160GB - - Credit Card Required. CLI Only Deployments. Multiple Instances Deployment. Complete Hosting Platform
10 Digital Ocean App ✔️ 100 1GB - 3 Static Sites None Native Docker Support, Complete Hosting Platform
11 AWS Amplify ✔️ (1 year free-tier) - - - - - Complete Hosting Platform